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The VT team help our members in the implementation of new programs, teaching strategies and much more!

James Burn

James Burn is an educational consultant with Riverside School Board and RÉCIT Provincial Service for Vocational Education.

The 2020-21 school year marks his fifth year as Vocational Training consultant for the nine English school boards in Quebec.

Utilizing his love for teaching and passion for technology, he provides customized workshops and training to integrate technology into classrooms.

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Daniela Garza

Daniela Garza is a Pedagogical Consultant for the VT English sector. Daniela has a lot of experience in elementary and secondary schools, and has an expertise with language acquisition and literacy. She will be the pedagogical consultant working for the 9 boards on the Literacy project. Four programs have been identified to be the the focus of the project: Health, Assistance and Nursing, Institutional and Home Care Assistance, Secretarial Studies and Accounting. Contact info: daniela.garza@cqsb.qc.ca

Xavier-Michel Grisé

Xavier-Michel is the Provincial Vocational Training Support Coordinator.  He has widespread knowledge in Vocational Training programs and its different sectors and has built an excellent link between Training Centres and employment opportunities. He has ten years of Vocational Training teaching experience in Industrial Electromechanics,and runs his own training company, servicing specific industry clients in developing the skills
of their employees. In May of 2020, he became an Educational Research Assistant for the Professional Training Observatory of Quebec. He holds an Undergraduate degree in Teaching Vocational Studies
and is completing his Master’s in Education at the University of Sherbrooke.

Contact: xgrise@nfsb.qc.ca

Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan joined RECIT-VT to provide some extra muscle to James Burn as the education landscape was transitioning to online (COVID-19). Daniel quickly jumped in to provide much needed support to home turf RSB in helping administer the Access RSB Moodle website. Daniel has many years of experience in IT, notably programming and databases, as well as providing support and training to many. His skills and experience will be most useful as he is the go-to person for post workshop or training sessions that teachers and pedagogical consultants have with James. Contact info: djordan@rsb.qc.ca

Charbel Mourad

Charbel Mourad, director of Business Services for PROCEDE, has been mandated to support the anglophone businesses.  He will analyze the current state of services, will make recommendations, develop an action plan, ensure its implementation and provide continuous improvement by means of objective performance assessments, always taking into account the fact that each school board has its own local and regional reality

Contact: cmourad@lbpsb.qc.ca

Mark Newton

Mark has been in education since 2006. He has taught in several programs in the business sector at Lester B. Pearson. He has also worked as a pedagogical counsellor for vocational training and as the English sector CERAC expert. Currently Mark is acting as coordinator of the Business Solutions Group, responsible for RAC, STB, Continuing education Marketing, and Testing.

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