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Pedagogical Team

PROCEDE pedagogical Resources help our members in the implementation of new programs, teaching strategies and much more! 

With more than a decade of teaching experience in the field of math and science, Micheline is available to provide support to the English-speaking FGA network community, to address their needs related to the implementation of the new Math and Science programs and the assessment tools in their Centers.  In addition, she  disseminates any new and relevant information, resource, and or service available to them.

Emilie Bowles is a former  teacher now working as a  consultant in Adult Education (Service régional à la FGA).

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/emily-bowles/

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Marc is part of the RECIT Provincial Service Network, coordinated by the Direction des ressources didactiques (DRD) at MEES.

His mandate is to support learning about and with technology and digital resources across the English Adult Education community. This can be in the form of professional development, communities of practice, and online learning resources.

Contact info:

Marc Gariépy

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Daniel Jordan joined RECIT-VT to provide some extra muscle to James Burn as the education landscape was transitioning to online (COVID-19). Daniel quickly jumped in to provide much needed support to home turf RSB in helping administer the Access RSB Moodle website.

Daniel has many years of experience in IT, notably programming and databases, as well as providing support and training to many. His skills and experience will be most useful as he is the go-to person for post workshop or training sessions that teachers and pedagogical consultants have with James.

Contact info: djordan@rsb.qc.ca

Joanne Salvagio is a  resource person for the RÉCIT Provincial Service to Adult Education.

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/joanne-salvagio/

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Avi Spector is an Education Consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Provincial Service for General Adult Education

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/avi-spector/

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PROCEDE supported resources

The RECIT for Adult General Education provides support to the 9 English School Boards in Quebec as we continue to better the ways we use technology & digital resources across our educational community.  The RECIT AGE website provides tools and resources to help teacher s implement technology in their classroom.

The RECIT VT website offers tools, workshop and guidance specifically aimed at the Vocational classroom crowd, from SmartBoards to Chromebooks, even Virtual Reality training!

The English Pedagogical Consultants (EPC) working group was created by PROCEDE in 2014 to help coordinate support for adult education teachers within the nine English school boards of Québec. 

The EPC website provides a space to build our collective knowledge and share resources amongst our professional learning community

This website has been developed for all Quebec Adult General Education teachers to use and share resources for various disciplines. You will find links to the following resources: the Equipe-Choc English Community Newsletter, teaching material, evaluation domains, formative assessments and lesson plan templates that are aligned with the Quebec Diversified Education Program for all levels of Math and Science organized by course code. In addition, Professional Development (PD) opportunities will be posted to inform you about upcoming events. Please feel free to use and share any material. All you have to do is click away!


PD à la carte

The collaborative team of PROCEDE Curriculum Consultants, RÉCIT AGE, and RÉCIT VT invites you to view our “PD à la carte” website. It was designed to provide support for online communication and teaching.

We have provided easy access to online resources and collaboration. Each section of the site has instructional videos on the most commonly used platforms and applications for distance learning. We have vetted each one so that you may directly pass them on to teachers.

We will hold virtual office hours each day of the week. Teachers, consultants, and directors are invited to ask questions relating to online communication and teaching. Please refer to our calendar for open workshops on specific topics.

You can make requests or professional development on the specific needs of your centre. Simply use the request form on our website and we will provide “à la carte” assistance.


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