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PROCEDE pedagogical Resources help our members in the implementation of new programs, teaching strategies and much more! 

Emilie Bowles is a former  teacher now working as a  consultant in Adult Education (Service régional à la FGA).

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/emily-bowles/

So privileged to present with this amazing team of educators at the #lceeq2020 conference – @Kish_Gue @tracyrosen @ebowles_RECIT @SalvagioJoanne #recitqc – See our presentation at http://bit.ly/2020cte around the theme of #collectiveteacherefficacy

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James Burn is an educational consultant with Riverside School Board and RÉCIT Provincial Service for Vocational Education.

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/james-burn/​

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Avi Spector is an Education Consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Provincial Service for General Adult Education

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/avi-spector/

Une autre belle semaine d’accompagnement diversifié! En voici quelques exemples! #recitfga #recitqc @jsleprof
François Guay-Fleurent : https://sites.google.com/cscapitale.qc.ca/atelier-virtuel-science/accueil
@ebowles_RECIT , @SalvagioJoanne et @a_spector : https://sites.google.com/view/collective-teacher-efficacy/home
@DanyRECITFGA : https://sites.google.com/view/recitfga0810/tni/activinspire

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Isabelle Bertolotti is a PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant in
All languages, Social Sciences, Options, Computer Science , SVI

Contact info: https://dbeimplementation.weebly.com/

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Sonya Fiocco is a PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant in
Math, Science

Contact info: https://dbeimplementation.weebly.com/

PROCEDE supported resources

Developed by PROCEDE’s pedagogical team for the Diversified Basic Education curriculum, the DBE implementation website gathers all relevant information for FGA stakeholders

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