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PROCEDE pedagogical Resources help our members in the implementation of new programs, teaching strategies and much more! 

Emilie Bowles is a former  teacher now working as a  consultant in Adult Education (Service régional à la FGA).

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/emily-bowles/

James Burn is an educational consultant with Riverside School Board and RÉCIT Provincial Service for Vocational Education.

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/james-burn/​

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Avi Spector is an Education Consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Provincial Service for General Adult Education

Contact info: http://recit.qc.ca/membres/avi-spector/

En rencontre avec les collègues du RÉCIT national. Une beau groupe de conseillers qui travaillent tous très fort pour vous soutenir l’intégration du numérique en cette période de crise. #RECIT #RECITQC #récitfga #FAD

As school boards are moving to temporary distance learning perhaps @rogers and @bell can provide some temporary solutions to ensure Internet access for all. This would eliminate the need for anyone to disclose that Internet access is cost-prohibitive for them.

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Isabelle Bertolotti is a PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant in
All languages, Social Sciences, Options, Computer Science , SVI

Contact info: https://dbeimplementation.weebly.com/

Juicy Sentences is an instructional routine that helps students better understand the grammatically complex sentences. This routines has been found to be especially useful for English Learners: https://bit.ly/2VvbegK #ELLchat #engchat #grammar

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Sonya Fiocco is a PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant in
Math, Science

Contact info: https://dbeimplementation.weebly.com/

PROCEDE supported resources

Developed by PROCEDE’s pedagogical team for the Diversified Basic Education curriculum, the DBE implementation website gathers all relevant information for FGA stakeholders

Developed by PROCEDE’s pedagogical team for the Diversified Basic Education curriculum, the DBE for Math, Science and Technology website focuses on these specific areas of learning.

The RECIT for Adult General Education provides support to the 9 English School Boards in Quebec as we continue to better the ways we use technology & digital resources across our educational community.  The RECIT AGE website provides tools and resources to help teacher s implement technology in their classroom.

The RECIT VT website offers tools, workshop and guidance specifically aimed at the Vocational classroom crowd, from SmartBoards to Chromebooks, even Virtual Reality training!

The English Pedagogical Consultants (EPC) working group was created by PROCEDE in 2014 to help coordinate support for adult education teachers within the nine English school boards of Québec. 

The EPC website provides a space to build our collective knowledge and share resources amongst our professional learning community

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