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Équipe-Choc Service Request
This form was created in order for our partners to make a service request. Our services include workshops and training sessions, support in implementation of curriculum, content development and assistance with creation of evaluation tools, etc
Équipe-Choc - AGE Community

L’Équipe Choc - Pedagogical is a team of consultants mandated to support the anglophone FGA network. They are responsible for the development, implementation and assistance in production of content, curriculum and evaluation tools. Their expertise spans several academic disciplines.

Their website features resources that are aligned with the Quebec Diversified Education Program and provides important information (professional development opportunities, updates on services from partners, etc.) through their monthly Newsletter.

Visit them at:

Micheline Ammar

Micheline Ammar
Math and Science

Julie Robitaille
Languages and Social Sciences



The RÉCIT for Adult General Education team supports the nine English School Boards of Quebec in the pedagogical use of technology and digital resources. Our network is made up of four education consultants who work across the province and a network of local Technology Lead Teachers. RÉCIT services include offering specialized workshops and personalized coaching to teachers, co-constructing digital resources for teaching and learning, and assisting centres with the implementation of the Digital Action Plan.
English Pedagogical Consultants (EPC)

The English Pedagogical Consultants working group helps coordinate support for adult education teachers within the nine English school boards of Québec. We work together to identify teacher needs, create and present interactive workshops, provide individual coaching, and organize provincial professional development projects for the Adult Education sector. This website provides a space to build our collective knowledge and share resources amongst our professional learning community.