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Buildings and Public Works (Carpentry) Centre of Expertise Visit

Claudia Deme - January 17, 2018 - 0 comments

January 16, 2018:  “Claudia, do you want the pink hardhat?”  You know I did!


I was very excited to be visiting the Buildings and Public Works (Carpentry) Centre of Expertise, where my host was John Hodges, head of the Carpentry department at the New Frontiers School Board.  The BPW CE is housed at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre and the NFSB’s Carpentry program currently has about 80 students enrolled.

As part of my visit, John gave me an extensive tour of the facility.  To accommodate the program’s growth, the Centre has undergone massive changes in the past decade, with additions such as classrooms, work spaces and equipment.  While I was there, I was able to see a new student cohort working in the shop, and a more experienced group performing their exam, which consisted of actually building a structure.  I was shown around an area filled with storage sheds, which were all built by students and will be put up for sale when the weather improves.

With John and some of the other members of the department, we discussed past projects that were undertaken through the CEN and possible plans for the future. Like in many areas, the BPW sector is one that is undergoing rapid changes in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness.

As with my past visit, I was yet again awed and amazed at the dedication of the staff I met and the work being done at the Centre.  My thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!