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The Diversified Basic Education (DBE) Program for Secondary III, IV and V is an adaptation for adult learners of the Québec Education Program, Secondary Cycle Two, for the youth sector. Thus, the subject areas, broad areas of learning and cross-curricular competencies in both programs are the same. However, in order to meet the specific needs of adult learners, the division into courses is different and some programs of study are found only in adult education.

Like the Québec Education Program, the DBE Program presents the broad educational orientations to be followed and the general education programs offered, grouped into subject areas. This grouping of the programs of study brings out the connections among the various subjects and their respective contributions to the development of adult education students.

DBE preferred resources



English Language Arts

Français, langue seconde (French only)

Mathematics, science and technology

Computer Science


Science and Technology





Social Sciences

Contemporary World

Financial Education

History of Québec and Canada

Regional Geography of Québec

Personal development – Diversified Basic Education

Physical Education and Health

Preventing Dependency

Human Sexuality


Career development – Diversified Basic Education

Personalized Career Orientation


Committing to Success


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