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Offers of Service

PROCEDE offers a wide variety of Workshops to its educational community.  These can be geared for Pedagogical Days and Staff Meetings (1 to 1,5 hours), Pedagogical Days (1.5 to 3 hours) or General and Informal meetings.

For information and inquiries, please contact Robin Long at

PROCEDE offers of service for
Applying to be the trade resource centre for the CEN
CEN Logo
Understand the mission and mandate for the Centre for Expertise Network, what this status entails for the centre, the liaison teacher and the network, and what support will be given, including how to fill out the application form. This is a 45-minute workshop.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
Discover applied tech tools in teaching
Using existing activities incorporating tech tools, we explore the andragogical use and encourage connections to other tools and teaching situations.  We create a communal brain dump of all the tools seen and at the end, teachers sign up to play with the tools more.   A follow up workshop where teachers

For: Pedagogical days
Discover your Google Application for Education (GAFE) Enterprise Plus account
An interactive workshop designed for hands-on learning: learn about new features create or modify teaching and learning activities to use the tools troubleshoot the tool. This is a 2-hour workshop
For: Pedagogical days
DIY Workshops series
DIY Tech
Live step by step follow along to make the tool recorded and made available UDL in VT with a student research activity using slides or ppt UDL in VT students using the camera and image edit function to self assess their work SAMR in VT using an existing image-labeling activity

For: Pedagogical days
Explaining PROCEDE services, Global perspective
An interactive, participatory workshop where VT actors can discover PROCEDE and the many possibilities of support for vocational training.  The goal of the activity is to familiarize everyone with what PROCEDE does, how it can help you, meet the team and create a personal resource tool. This is a 1-hour

For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
Explaining PROCEDE services, VT specific
PROCEDE services for the Voc sector.  Given as an interactive, exploratory activity workshop. This is a 30-45 minute workshop.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days, General and informal meetings
Google for Education Plus: Google Meet - Understanding and exploring the new features
An interactive workshop designed for hands-on learning about meet chat whiteboard poll breakout rooms This is a 1-hour workshop.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
How to enhance common VT teaching strategies
Working on cars in the workshop
Participatory workshop where we explore how to take commonly used  teaching strategy in VT and using specific examples, add elements to encourage student participation and information retention. This is a 1-hour workshop.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
Learn about Smart TV local and Lumio online platform
Byte-sized learning capsules on how to use the different features and in what teaching context.  Innovative learning situation with lots of participation! These are 15-30 minutes each.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
Learning styles activity
State-of-the-art pastry lab
The learning styles activity allows staff to identify which of the 3-learning style(s) they are by taking a quick quiz. They apply those criteria to their program and explain to the group how they would change their teaching approach to match the 3 styles. At the end, an exit ticket

For: Pedagogical days
Reading: from the classroom to the workplace
Money Skills course
Explicit reading instruction and tools to use in class. Three situations: 3 different student profiles. Teachers must discuss how to help those 3 students. Then, we go over the tools and talk about how to use them in class. Reading strategies and tools to incorporate in class. This is a 1 to 3-hour

For: Pedagogical days
Social Media in Trades
Social Media
How to incorporate a digital portfolio of learning on social media and leverage it for future trade integration and life-long learning mindset. This is a 1-hour workshop.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
Tech tools in action
An interactive, participatory workshop using tech to solve a teaching problem lack of student engagement online – slides or ppt student self-assessment – video capture with Screencastify student support for autonomous projects – whiteboard This a 1-hour workshop.
For: Staff meetings, Pedagogical days
Voc Talk café by Après-cours
Voc talk café by Après Cours prototype with logos
The Voc Talk Café is a place where you are invited to chat  live about teaching a trade in today’s world.  Originally launched in November 2021, the Voc Talk Café is now brought to you, on Zoom, by VT.PROCEDE and RÉCIT VT in collaboration with les Après-cours.

For: General and informal meetings
Recommended by Robin Long, Marc Vézina
Discover and sign up for the VT social media site, designed to encourage communication and sharing between tradespeople teaching in Quebec. An interactive, participatory workshop to navigate and contribute to This is a 2-hour workshop.
For: Pedagogical days