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Preferred Resources VT

Barbara Flowers
Education consultant with the Western Québec School Board. Indigenous affairs dossier. eMail:
Brian Seltmann
Provincial SARCA Development Officer. Supporting SARCA development officers and facilitating collaboration between the adult and vocational centres of the English and Indigenous school boards in Quebec. Transitions and non-traditional pathways dossiers. eMail:
Charbel Mourad
CharbelM Round
Director of Business Services for PROCEDE, Support for the anglophone businesses. eMail:  
Hana Kursani
HKursani Custom
Administrative Professional - Business Solutions. eMail: Biography
James Burn
Educational consultant with the Riverside School Board and RÉCIT Provincial Service for Vocational Education. eMail: Biography
Karine Jacques
Orthopédagogue - Accompagnement National des Services Éducatifs Complémentaires FGA-FP - Services Éducatifs aux Adultes. eMail: Biography
Learning styles activity
State-of-the-art pastry lab
The learning styles activity allows staff to identify which of the 3-learning style(s) they are by taking a quick quiz. They apply those criteria to their program and explain to the group how they would change their teaching approach to match the 3 styles. At the end, an exit ticket

For: Pedagogical days
Marc Vézina
Educational consultant with the Lester B Pearson School Board and RÉCIT Regional Service for Vocational Education. eMail: Biography
Mark Newton
Coordinator of the Business Solutions Group, responsible for RAC, STB, continuing education marketing and testing. eMail: Biography
PD à la carte
This website was created by the RECIT AGE, RECIT VT, and PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant teams to offer support and assistance in the implementation of online learning services in Adult General Education and Vocational Training centres across the province.
RÉCIT-VT Provincial Service
The RECIT-VT team provides customized workshops and training to integrate technology into classrooms, as well as webinars and ressources specifically targeted to our Vocational clientele.  Stakeholders can book a meeting to meet with the team to discuss any topic, get troubleshooting help, arrange a training session or workshop.
Robin Long
Provincial vocational education consultant, supporting and facilitating collaboration between the vocational centres of the English and Indigenous school boards in Quebec. eMail: Biography
Voc Talk
Voc Talk is a collection of resources for the VT sector to learn and discuss teaching a trade in Quebec.  Discover the world of Voc Talk through an immersive experience:  newsletter, DIY videos, interviews and a drop in café. This is a 1-hour workshop
For: General and informal meetings
VT Literacy Project
Literacyproject (Custom) (Custom)
Some learners (adults and young people under 18) who undertake vocational training in English-language School Boards in Quebec can experience difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics in the language of instruction (English) and sometimes with the second language (French). This annual project aims to identify learners with learning difficulties (learner profile)

VT Resource Proposal
On this page, you can suggest any VT resource, which will be put in our Resource database.
Discover and sign up for the VT social media site, designed to encourage communication and sharing between tradespeople teaching in Quebec. An interactive, participatory workshop to navigate and contribute to This is a 2-hour workshop.
For: Pedagogical days Community Bulletin Board
A Hub for VT events and resources for the social network
Zachary Mandelzys
Educational consultant with the Lester B Pearson School Board. Joint P.A.D project. Transitions dossier. eMail: