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Resources are available on these recommended sites

Anglophone Moodle Community

This Moodle page allows the Anglophone community to share ideas, questions, and resources related to their subject or to Adult Education in general.

Project RISE

With more and more centres using digital tools and environments, the RECIT AGE team is looking to support and accompany teachers in their new endeavours. Project RISE, which stands for Resources for Independent Student Engagement, brings teachers together to build digital resources for students in order to develop their subject-specific competencies and autonomy.

Anglophone ApresCours Community

The EPC & RECIT teams have teamed up to offer teachers an opportunity to chat with one another in subject specific groups.

PD à la carte

This website was created by the RECIT AGE, RECIT VT, and PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant teams to offer support and assistance in the implementation of online learning services in Adult General Education and Vocational Training centres across the province.
The site is divided into themes to allow for easy navigation. Each theme contains videos and articles that have been curated and vetted so that teachers can view them or consultants can send them directly to teachers in need. Locally created resources are updated regularly.

Alexandrie FGA

This is where you can share and find educational material and tools created for and by education personnel from Adult General Education. Alexandria FGA's first priority is to help teachers implement the new programs of study. The more you share, the more Alexandria grows! Ignite your inspiration!


PD Mosaic is an online professional development platform curated by the consultants of the RECIT Provincial Service to General Adult Education at the Commission scolaire de la Seigneurie-des-Mille-Îles. The content is created in collaboration with diverse stakeholders in education from across Quebec; in particular, with our colleagues at the RECIT Provincial and Regional services to General Adult Education.