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RAC - Recognition of Acquired Competencies

An official process for the recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) is based on basic principles. These principles are postulates centered on the person and on his various rights.

A person has the right to social recognition of his acquired knowledge and skills as soon as that he/she provides proof that he/she owns them.

A person does not have to relearn what he/she already knows or to redo, in a school context formal, learning that she has already achieved in other places, according to other methods. This what matters in the recognition of prior learning: what a person has learned and not the places, learning circumstances or methods used

A person should be exempted from having to re-recognize skills or qualifications that have been rigorously assessed and sanctioned within an official system

These services are offered in adult education centers and vocational training centers in Quebec and allow you to officially recognize the learning you have achieved outside of school. These services also allow you to be supported throughout this process. To find out more about RAC, contact the school service center or school board in your region to make an appointment.

Check out these resources to learn more about the RAC process.