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PROCEDE Projects

Building Assessments in VT
This guide has been written to assist a centre with the professional development needs of vocational training  teachers with regard to connecting current trade skill expectations with assessment for sanction purposes.  It is intended as an assistive framework to help a centre develop workshops with the teachers’ involvement. In the

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Building Bridges: Indigenous Cultural Safety in Health Care Programs
This guide is part of a project of the 9 English School Boards of Quebec  (PROCEDE) towards their educational responsibility in the process of  Reconciliation. The aim is in response to the recommendations by the Truth &  Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and the Quebec Viens Report to  ensure a culturally

PROCEDE Training
New to adult education? Not to worry, this website has resources to help you navigate the intricacies of the job. The website includes an FAQ with standard questions and answers, tools to help you decide if callers need support, videos, visual aids, descriptions of roles and responsibilities and a contact

VT Literacy Project
Literacyproject (Custom) (Custom)
Some learners (adults and young people under 18) who undertake vocational training in English-language School Boards in Quebec can experience difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics in the language of instruction (English) and sometimes with the second language (French). This annual project aims to identify learners with learning difficulties (learner profile)