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Vocational Training (VT)

Ensuring that there are enough skilled workers to meet labour needs is a major challenge facing every modern society. Constant labour market fluctuations mean that workers need to be not only highly skilled but also adaptable and innovative. Vocational Training (VT) has a decisive role to play in this regard since it enables students to acquire the occupational competencies demanded by the labour market, as well as the personal skills and attitudes that will allow them to adapt to change and to acquire new competencies.


Always changing, Inforoute FPT has become the premiere website for Vocational and Technical Training (VTT) in Québec. The site covers many MEES dossiers and offers a multitude of products and services directly related to the field of education.

You can mainly find information on vocational and technical training programs, such as program content and admission conditions. You can also find an educational establishment’s coordinates that offers different programs. A management system for offers of service is available to those subscribed to members of Inforoute FPT’s special services.


Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)

This first level offers a complete professional training of a particular field of study which allows the student who finishes to enter immediately the job market. The duration of a DVS varies between 6 to 18 months, depending on the programme. Students with a DVS may also continue their studies in an programme leading to an Attestation of Vocational Speciality (AVS).

List of DVS programs offered in English

Attestation of Vocational Speciality (AVS)

Generally shorter than the DVS, i.e. around 3 to 8 months, this second level of training opens the door to a specialty that allows students to deepen their knowledge in a given trade and respond to specific labor market requirements.

List of AVS programs offered in English

Skills Training Certificate (STC)

A program of studies leading to the AEP is a qualifying training short-term, developed, offered and sanctioned by a school services. Such a study program leads to the exercise of a job or profession and is mainly intended for adults. Its duration generally varies from 240 to 720 hours.

List of STC programs offered in English

Health Assistance and Nursing graduates WQCC 1
Working on welding, heating and cutting module
Inspections on Electric Vehicle traction batteries WICC EV 1
Daycare Educator Graduates 1