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Motorized Equipment Maintenance Centre of Expertise Visit

Claudia Deme - January 12, 2018 - 0 comments

Wow!  What a great first CEN visit!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of launching my CEN tour at the Motorized Equipment Maintenance Centre of Expertise which is housed at the New Frontiers School Board’s Nova Career Centre.  I was invited to join a departmental meeting, led by Department Head, Mr. Derek Stacey.  While there, I had the chance to discuss with the members of the NFSB’s Auto Department about their preoccupations in terms of being the Centre of Expertise in MEM.

To provide a bit of interesting context, the Auto Department at Nova has been the Centre of Expertise in Motorized Equipment Maintenance since the Network’s inception in 2009.  The department boasts a current enrollment of 82 students, and has 10 instructors teaching these in both day and evening courses.  Graduates are highly sought-after and often are hired directly from their stages.

The discussion I had with the group was extremely interesting and so helpful!  I was very excited to hear more about how the department opted to offer to their students the same workshop which they had offered on November 24, 2017 to the instructors across the province.  To read more about the student enrichment day, please click here. 

Getting to meet those who lead the various Centres is truly fantastic – looking forward to more!