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Spencer Buttle
Happy Teaching Moments

Spencer Buttle happy teaching moments

Spencer Buttle

Institutional and Home Care Assistance

Eastern Shores School Board


Teaching Strategy

I like incorporating games into the student learning activities, both digital and not. I use
digital platforms like Kahoot, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. I use crossword puzzles to
learn vocabulary, and often ask the students to contribute the words. The students like having
fun with the learning.


Teaching Strategy

I keep the classroom as stress-free and relaxed as possible while they reflect on themselves. I use
humour and realism in the practical lab. I act as the patient and add realistic elements from my
experience that keep them on their toes. I often ask students to suggest scenarios for learning situations
and they enjoy adding funny elements. It is a great way for them to practice their communication and
relational skills!


Teaching Activity

I often add parts to my lessons that gets them to take a break and make them aware that their needs
are important. I do 5-minute exercise breaks with an 80’s music vibe from Richard Simmons to
recenter their minds. The student laugh and participate, and it makes for a fun moment!


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