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Short or Long Term Stage

PROCEDE - March 9, 2022 - 0 comments

The objective of Short and Long Term Stages is to promote and support partnerships which improve cooperation between education and industry and strengthen the links between what is taught in centres and what is needed in industries.
To promote quality training in vocational centres by providing teachers with the opportunity to benefit from a short or long-term stage experience in industry which focuses on upgrading their technical skills and knowledge of the workplace.
Stage information:
  • Short Term Stages can be from one to three days.
  • Long Term Stages can be from four days up to a maximum of twenty days.
  • Short and Long Term Stages can only take place in Quebec.  Stages in any province other than Quebec are considered International Stages and are funded through Education International.
  • ELVEC In-Service reimburses a teacher’s school board for substitution costs.
  • Teachers are not reimbursed for gas or meals to travel to a stage location.
  • Stages do not have to be on consecutive dates.  As an example, you could attend a 4 day stage every Friday for 4 weeks.
  • Speak to your centre director for approval to participate in a stage.
  • Contact the business partner where you would like to go on stage.
  • Request a letter from the business partner indicating the dates the company will accept you on stage.
  • Fill in a stage application form, documentation is found on pages 23-38 in the ELVEC CEN REIMBURSEMENT GUIDELINES BOOKLET.
  • Forward the signed application form and the letter from the business partner to Shelley Smythe at  The application will be forwarded to the PROCEDE table for approval.
Participating on a stage is a great opportunity for all vocational teachers to increase their knowledge and expertise and to keep up with the labour market and technological trends.
If you have any questions on Long or Short Term Stages, please do not hesitate to contact Shelley Smythe, ELVEC In-Service Coordinator, (450) 829-2396,