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VOC TALK Café – June 17th -A Year’s End Sign-Off

PROCEDE - June 14, 2024 - 0 comments

On June 17, 2024, a VOC TALK café will be held, which is aimed at all vocational teachers.
The topic will be  Innovation and Reflection: A Year’s End Sign-Off.
“As we near the summer season, join us for a unique episode – no specific theme, just a warm invitation to vocational educators to share classroom successes, revisit key moments of the Voc Talk Café, and reflect on its future.  This season finale wants to blend reflection and forward-looking inquiries while celebrating achievements.
The café  will begin at 3:00pm.  
To join in on the workshop, please click anywhere on the flyer, and then click on the yellow button to join the session.
You can also find an info sheet explaining the VOC TALK café.
If ever you would like to schedule an appointment with Robin, you may book a time on the link below:
Robin may also be reached by email at