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As per article 448 of the Education Act, the Government shall, by regulation, establish a basic vocational training regulation and a basic adult education regulation.
The basic regulations shall relate to the nature and objectives of instructional, training and student services and, in the case of adult education, literacy and popular education services, as well as to the general organization framework for those services. The basic regulations shall prescribe, subject to the third paragraph of section 3, the conditions that a person resident in Québec must meet to qualify for free access to those services.
The basic regulations may also
  • establish rules on the school admission and enrolment of students;
  • establish rules respecting the school calendar;
  • establish rules respecting textbooks, instructional material or classes of instructional material and their accessibility;
  • establish rules on the evaluation of learning achievement and the certification of prior learning;
  • determine the diplomas, certificates and other official attestations awarded by the Minister and prescribe the conditions under which they are to be awarded;
  • prescribe the cases in which, or the conditions or circumstances under which a person resident in Québec cannot avail himself of the right of free access to vocational training or adult education services provided for in the second paragraph of section 3;
  • authorize a school service centre, on the conditions and to the extent determined by the Minister, to exempt a category of students from the application of a provision of the basic regulation.