Centres of Expertise Network


1. To facilitate communication and collaboration among sector colleagues through the organization of sharing or training opportunities.
2. To provide provincial leadership and support with regard to the quality of teaching and program implementation in all English centres delivering programs connected to their designated sector.
3. To reflect the interests and needs of the sector they represent in the annual development of a global professional development plan, in collaboration with sector and program teachers, QACVE and PROCEDE.
4. To support the development of a teaching team which is up to date on program content, revisions, employment contexts and teaching techniques in order to act as a model for “best practices” in their training sector.
5. At the request of colleagues from the English-language RAC network, to provide content expertise and analysis in support of the process of recognition of prior learning and acquired competencies.

Objectives of the Network:

1. To improve & support communication/collaboration among colleagues
2. To provide a provincial structure through which english sector professional development and quality teaching can be strengthened and expanded
3. To support centres who have received new ententes, provisional authorizations or new authorizations
4. To support the development of closer links among vocational & technical training providers, educational partners, stakeholders, industry & employment representatives

Please consult the  PROCEDE Reimbursement and Guidelines Booklet for more information on funding.

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