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Job Opportunity – Education Consultant for AGE

PROCEDE - October 18, 2022 - 0 comments



Candidates are invited to send their applications (2 positions are available here and here) for these temporary full-time regional positions as RECITAGE Educational Consultants now available for the nine (9) English School Boards, with office at 7525, chemin de Chambly in St. Hubert, Quebec.


Responsible for assisting and advising the administrators, teachers, and other professionals in Adult General Education (AGE) on matters concerning the integration of technology in the implementation, development and evaluation of educational programs, the appropriate academic organization and the selection and use of methods, techniques, equipment, and teaching materials.


  • Promote the integration of technology in AGE centres across the nine (9) English school boards.
  • Assist administration in establishing a PD plan for the AGE centres.
  • Help in the coordination of courses offered on-line.
  • Provides support for AGE teachers, professionals, and administrators.
  • Keeps abreast of research and new developments in the areas of curricula, educational methods, complimentary activities, educational materials, and evaluation of academic performance.
  • Provide information on new requirements and encourage a process of continuous evaluation within the milieu.
  • Identifies and produces pertinent statistical data to help in decision making.
  • Stimulates the educational interests of teachers.
  • Provide advice and support to new AGE teachers.
  • Offer a variety of workshops and professional development training during the school year.
  • Share educational information through social media.
  • Work in close collaboration with the entire RECIT network including regional and Provincial AGE and FGA services to align the training offered in the nine (9) English School Boards.
  • Produce a yearly action plan based on the MEQ expectations, a mid-year report and an end of year report for PROCEDE and the MEQ.
  • Manage their expenses and report to the School Board Fiduciary of the RECIT-AGE, in this case Riverside School Board, Camille Francois, Coordinator of Adult Education and Vocational Training Educational Services.QUALIFICATIONS:
  • A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate specialty, notably education.
  • High knowledge of use of technology and pedagogical curriculums.
  • Proficient in French (written and spoken) and English to participate in Provincial meetings and report to the MEQ.

Participate in various committees and conferences.


The nature of this position is to support all centres in the province of Quebec. Although an office is provided at RSB, travelling to the nine (9) English School Boards and their Adult General Education centres is a daily necessity, on-line support is also encouraged.


In accordance with the Professionals’ Agreement:  49, 456.00 $ to 92, 027.26 $ (35 hours/week) according to qualifications and experience.