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Professional Development needs

PROCEDE - March 15, 2021 - 0 comments

A few months ago,  a teacher mentioned that a classroom management workshop would be helpful.  Mr. Xavier-Michel Grisé (Provincial Training Support Coordinator) was able to schedule an animator and the online Classroom Management workshop will take place on March 29th from 9:00am – 12:00pm  (click here for registration form).
Your feedback is important.  It assists us in offering workshops that will meet your current needs.  
Teachers are also encouraged to participate in an Industry/Business stage (per school board COVID policy), with the approval of your centre director.
If you would like to go out on a Business/Industry Short Term or Long Term Stage, the process is as follows:
  1. Visit the Business/Industry partner and request a letter stating the dates they will host you on stage.
  2. Fill in the Short Term/Long Term Stage application form found on pages 25 to 28 in the ELVEC Reimbursement Guidelines.
  3. Your centre director signs the application form.
  4. Your PROCEDE director signs the application form.
  5. The application form to is forwarded to me.
The stage applications are approved by the PROCEDE table at their monthly meetings.  
The 2020-2021 upcoming meeting dates of the PROCEDE table are as follows:
  • March 26, 2020
  • April 22, 2020
  • May 6, 2020
  • June 17-18, 2020
You may go out on stage for a period of 1 to 20 days.
  • Short Term Stage = 1 to 3 days
  • Long Term Stage = 4 to 20 days
If you have any questions on initiating a workshop or a business stage, please let me know.
Shelley Smythe
ELVEC In-Service Coordinator
Coordinateur ELVEC En- Service