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Call for presenters – 2022 QACVE Virtual Conference

PROCEDE - February 3, 2022 - 0 comments

The Quebec Advisory Council on Vocational Education (QACVE) is soliciting your expertise as a presenter for the 2022 QACVE Virtual Conference.

QACVE is a sub-committee of PROCEDE and plays an active role in supporting its member school boards.

This biannual conference gathers Vocational Training teachers from the nine English School Boards of Quebec. It is always a highly anticipated conference because it brings together teachers from across the province in a professional development activity which addresses the realities of teaching in the Vocational Training sector.

The Context:

The presenters and keynote speakers are key elements to the success of this conference. Teachers want to hear about how to help support the learning, how to motivate and engage students, how to identify and address learning difficulties and remain on the cutting edge of their trades and professions.

The conference theme this year is “Silver Linings”. It builds on the idea of innovative practices with regards to program delivery over the last 20 months.

We seek presenters who have found ways of linking their expertise to offer meaningful training which will be demonstrated in their virtual workshops and or presentations.

  1. Innovative teaching practices over the last 20 months
  2. Helping teachers address their students’ various needs while maintaining the rigor that will prepare them for the workplace
  3. New strategies that will prepare teachers to move forward

The virtual workshops should provide teachers with teaching tools and information about meeting their students’ learning needs.

We hope you are as excited about the prospect of presenting at the Virtual QACVE conference as we are at the prospect of having you among us.

Here are the short-term deadlines to help us meet the first deadline for preparing the program.

Submit your request to present *                                       February 10, 2022

Submit a blurb for the Programme *                                 February 17, 2022

Submit a CV and or Bio                                                      February 17, 2022

*Fill in the information on this form (which you will need to save on your computer once completed) and send to .