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QACVE Conference 2022 – Thank you!

PROCEDE - June 8, 2022 - 0 comments

On May 19, 2022, QACVE held its bi-annual conference under the theme of “Silver Linings”.  This year, participants were greeted virtually by a line-up of speakers and presenters welcoming teachers, administrators, and professionals from our Vocational Training community.  The conference was hosted via Zoom with the help of LCEEQ who managed the platform.  More than 140 participants registered to the event.

We were excited to welcome Sonia Di Maulo (The Growth Mindset & Creating a Learning Legacy) and Kathryn Peterson (Resilience, Changing our Mindset & Self-care) as our opening and closing keynote speakers, dazzling us with their vision on education.

Our different workshops proved us again that there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our own educational community, whether from Vocational, Adult General Education and other stakeholders.

Moreover, we celebrated exemplary Vocational Training teachers through the attribution of the QACVE Peer Recognition Awards. Despite the virtual aspect of the Conference, we were happy to have been able to present our Awards to deserving teachers. This award highlights personal initiatives taken by engaged teachers. This year’s winners are Maxwell Barr from EMSB, Patrice Durocher from RSB and Tassia Korbis from LBPSB. Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to offering quality Vocational Training that is available to the population in the English sector.

On behalf of the QACVE 2022 Virtual Conference organizing committee I would like to thank everyone who contributed to putting into place this highly successful event.

I would also like to thank the participants who attended this Virtual Conference. We hope that your day was time well spent and that you have added a few Silver Linings to your personal and professional development.

Special thanks go out to our organizing committee members. Together Everyone Achieves More… I was honored to work with such a great TEAM.

Now the dust has settled, and the skies are clear…planning is already underway for our May 2024 QACVE Conference…looking forward to seeing you then.

Susie Faguy, QACVE chair